Attention Buy-to-Let Landlords

The Energy Act 2011 contains prospective legislation relating to energy efficiency in buildings which threatens to have a major impact on the property market. 

The Act provides that, from April 2018 at the latest, it will be unlawful to rent out residential or business premises which do not reach a minimum energy efficiency standard. Although the detailed regulations have not yet been issued, the Government has already indicated that the lowest acceptable energy rating is likely to be E. This means that landlords of F- and G-rated buildings will be unable to let them out after April 2018 unless they take active steps to improve the energy efficiency of those buildings.


There are essentially three types of surveys to be considered. The Building Survey (previously known as a structural survey), the Homebuyer Survey, and the Basic Valuation

Building Survey

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Homebuyer Survey

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Basic Valuation

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